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Snowboarder in the snow


Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Snowboarding Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?


Powder Snow

   So you now you want to learn how to snowboard in order     to ready yourself for the snowboarding adventure trip of

    a lifetime well your definitely in the right place because

                                      it all starts right here.

     Start by learning the basics at an indoor activity centre               there are many located right across the country

      Snow Centre Snowdome Chill Factore Snozone Snow              Factor to name but a few. offering beginner lessons              improver lessons coaching sessions and membership   scheme with full access to all of the rest of their amenities                                           like spa's and fitness  

     You will learn the art from a qualified dedicated ski and         snowboard professionals. Staying upright stopping the          board making turns board stance toe edge heel edge         and even how to fall over without causing too much pain

   These indoor snowdome activity centres are all different

      but mainly offer the same range and style of services.

  Classes for beginners and advanced main slopes ranging                              in size from160 - 180m in length

         Full or half day intensive training courses are also                available with a whole host of other services included

    such as children's services ice skating tubbing sledging              tobogganing and full family refreshments on site.

             Check out our list below for even more details.


Let's Hit The Slopes 

        Booking up is really easy via Hobby Hub Central Ltd               simply find an experience from our list below choose                    your listing date choose your desired location                          book up to receive your discounted entry pass

          subject to availability then get out there and enjoy

            the Snowboarding Adventure experience of your               dreams check out our list below for even more details!


Book Your Experience 

     Your now ready to take it to the next level it's time to hit

     the real mountain slopes. We list a wide variety of other         snowbound adventure activity experiences that are also        located overseas. Depending on the location choice we        can also curate the perfect off piste snowboard and skiing                                  adventure of your dreams.

      We suggest you try Chamonix in north eastern France

     It's an amazing little winter wonderland with a beautiful                                 awesome little main town centre.

           Highest piste 3842m with three main slope parks.

    After booking your flight takes roughly 115m to arrive at              Geneva Airport you will be met by your tour group              transport operator who will transfer you to wherever you

          are staying in Chamonix Hotel Chalet or Log Cabin

   then get some rest your going to need all of your strength.       Day 1 we suggest that you hire a snowboard instructor

                      for the day practise on the little slope.

  Day 2 confidence is up hit the bigger slopes ride the cable         car or jump on the chair lift to your desired height then         challenge your family and friends to see who can make it        back down the fastest without spending too much time

    with their face in the snow. All equipment is available for   buy rent or hire boots board goggles gloves and waterproof

    clothing is essential always dress  warm. Best time to go                                    late February through March

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can book you on snowboarding experiences in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available, why not check back soon?

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We will shortly be updating this page with new content, listing the cycling experiences available.

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