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Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Windsurfing Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?


Windsurfing Experience

         The United Kingdom has over 7723 miles of glorious             coastline that surround it offering some of the very best              places in Britain to enjoy your passion for the sport of         windsurfing that also delivers plenty of wind all year-round             light sea breezes with autumn winter being the most                                            dangerous water pattern.

    Are you ready to enjoy an addictive awesome water sport      adventure that delivers the best fun that you can share with         your family and friends. Windsurfing combines aspects

  of sailing surfing skateboarding water-skiing snowboarding.

   The perfect place to start would be to join a club and take

            a few lessons from a qualified RYA royal yachting

     association instructor who will teach you all of the rules

      regulations and safety awareness features of the sport

   The Water Sports Academy would also be a good starting             point there you will start with basic one to one tuition                   lessons also available to kids as an introduction

                                              into the sport.

            You will first learn and practise the art via dry land

          based simulator before taking to the open waters of

                                               the big pond.

   Whether beginner or professional looking to improve your     skills you can start by registering for half or full day learning             sessions or 5-week courses of two-hour sessions.  


Gently Down The Stream

          Booking up is really easy via Hobby Hub Central Ltd                 simply find an experience from our list below choose                       your listing date choose your desired location                            book up to receive your discounted entry pass

             subject to availability then get out there and enjoy

                            the Windsurfing Experience of your                           dreams check out our list below for even more details!

Windsurfers at the Horizon

Book Your Experience 

    Registering to join a full or half day learning session with

  full qualified RYA Instructors will include all of the following        services. With a half day learning course, you will learn

      the basics, starting with, Stance - Steering - Equipment

   Full day courses you will learn about the Rig - Start to Sail         and u How to use your Sails. Intermediate Course would          teach you about Rigging - Sails Launching and Landing            Improving Tacking Gybing Steering Beach starting

                                     and Using the Harness

     Semi Intermediate Courses would allow you to focus on

  Planning - Techniques Foot straps - Harness - Foot Steering          Crave Gybing and the secrets to gaining more speed

     All equipment is provided Wetsuit - Hemet - Wet Shoes

          Buoyancy Life Vest - Sail Board - Sail Mast - Boom

           Factors of the Utmost Importance First, your own                 Windsurfing Ability, then you also have to factor in the            Wind, Speed the Wind Direction and also the current

                                           State of the Tides.

 We list only the very best Windsurfing companies and their

   locations that span the length and breadth of this country

  From London Birmingham Bristol Croydon Leister Coventry            Cardiff Stoke on Trent Wolverhampton Nottingham

   So, what are you waiting for grab your friends and go have         some fun get to know the locals and find get the inside                       knowledge on all of the best places to surf 

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of your Windsurfing experiences in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available, why not check back soon?

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We will shortly be updating this page with new content, listing the cycling experiences available.

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