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This is the place to go if you are simply looking to acquire the latest gadget offerings from around the world. Seek and you will find, search for gadgets, Past Present an Future, and all associated accessories.

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Remember all of those retro gadgets that we all used to love, The trending now gadgets that we are still using today, and the brand new gadgets, that we will all still love even more tomorrow, you will find them all right here!

Round Speaker


  Our range of headsets, speakers, laptops, smartphones         and other gadgets for the home are second to none!

Smart Watch


  • Medical devices

  • Monitors

  • Fitness products

  • And more!

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        Need to get from A to B with confidence and ease 

  Take a look at the satnavs and other motoring products                                 we have available for you.

Whether you're looking for items for your home, for your car or for your fitness activities, the team at Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London are here to supply you with everything you need.