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Kayak Boat


Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Kayaking Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?


Kayaking Experience

 The perfect area location for your next kayaking or canoeing      trip is located right on your doorstep. Why not gather your      family and friends an treat them all to a wonderful fun filled   day of water sport activities. Spend some quality time join a    local club learn the basics and gain access to a network of             inland waterways and unrivalled canal routes that all               accumulates to a distance stretching over 2000 miles.              Kayak along the estuary discover secret coves sandy 

     beaches breath in that fresh country air whilst you enjoy

            the spectacular panoramic views all around you.

    Curate your very own challenging intriguing route whether          meandering along slow moving rivers gliding along the              glimmering dew soaked lake water all the way down

                                 to the open blue calm seas.

     We are sure to have a water sports activity experience to          cater for all of your families needs check out our full list                                   below for even more details!