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Kite Boarding

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Kite Boarding Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?


Kite Boarding Experience

   Would you like to learn how to Kite board? Kite surfing is a      wind powered water sport where  a user rides on a surf like   board attached to a kite that catches wind that then propels          you forward skimming along the surface of the water

      Just grab your family and friends and head down to the       coast join a licensed club with a designated teaching zone         meaning they already have their own beach. Start with           lessons from a qualified IKO BKSA VDWS instructor who       also has a passion an desire for the sport and your safety.

   Learn all the essential safety features before taking to the           open water experiencing the power of those incredible            coastal winds. Surf the windy lagoons all the way out to

  the open choppy waters with powerful wind and big waves.

 Learn the basics staying upright riding upwind jumps twists

      turns picking up speed riding the coastline and more.

          Check out our full list below for even more details!