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Jet Ski Sports

Jet Ski Racing

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Jet Skiing Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?


Jet Ski Experience

    Welcome to a whole new world of water sport madness     are you ready for the wettest fastest ride of your life you've                                        come to the right place.

   From here you can all book up and head on down to your        nearest picturesque fresh water lake riverfront or beach 

       hire or rent yourself a personal jet ski watercraft and                      experience the water sport thrill of a lifetime.

 Try a combination of watercraft jet ribs stand up or regular                                          sit down machines.

      Just climb aboard hit the throttle and take off feel the                   sensation of speed spray as you go cruising by.

              Learn new stunts tricks slalom runs and more.

    or why not take a leisurely cruise with friends and family