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Speed Skating

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can help you to book up for all of you

Speed Skating Experience in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available why not check back soon?

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Speed Skating Experience

Speed Skating is a nationally and internationally known track      sport you can participate solo or as a group. Events take              place on an ice skate rink track outdoor cycle track or               indoor velodrome arena that supports long track ice

   racing inline speed skating rollerblading or short track oval      racing. Best place to start would be to join a local club or          group. There are also summer camp events for juniors         lasting 6 weeks consisting of 3 x 30 min training sessions.

  Learn the basic skills necessary how to fall without causing      much pain skating position feet and body stance how to        prevent falling body movement and more before moving up                                        and onto other levels.

 Skate UK has a 10-stage development programme designed    for all young skaters willing to learn in order to increase all      forms of skating and nurture the future stars of tomorrow.        Learn from the best fully qualified ICPI Instructor who is         also fully trained in first aid. Juniors can improve their craft                                   from as young as 6yrs old. 

   There are three different styles of speed skating long track             inline, and short track all designed for you to race            against your peer's race nationally right across the country       and also compete in many other track day events such as         short track oval racing distance events marathon events

                               and endurance competitions 


Keep It Rolling Baby

          Booking up is really easy via Hobby Hub Central Ltd                simply find an experience from our list below choose                        your listing date choose your desired location                           book up to receive your discounted entry pass

           subject to availability then get out there and enjoy

                   the Speed Skating Tour experience of your                       dreams check out our list below for even more details!

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Book Your Experience 

    Training complete and you think your ready then it's now             time to compete against all of your friends' rivals and              opponents. You now have your full membership you've          studied all the racing techniques you know the rules and                       regulations i think it's time to go and compete.

  Competitions are timed whilst crossing a set distance pace                          and point over a full race distance.

    Races are also usually run-in pairs of two competitors in       two lanes on the same track unless when inline group racing

  Watch your back out though dude it sometimes gets a little    bit rough and tumbly on track with lots of pushing grabbing     barging but it's all part of the game so you may as well

                                             get used to it.

  Train hard to become the best that you can be improve your     fitness stamina and race craft techniques before you head

                   up one more level to the top of the game.

         Take part in many other events at home and abroad

         with your team and win this sport also has a way of                      attracting other benefits for the best skaters with

    sponsorship deal offerings that may also arise meet and                 make new long-lasting teammates and friends 

     meet your local skating hero's up-close watch them train

       see how they do it bring your family along for the ride

                         all spectators are always welcome

Hobby Hub Central Ltd in London can book you on speed skating experiences in London and the surrounding areas.

We will shortly be updating this page with a list of experiences available, why not check back soon?

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We will shortly be updating this page with new content, listing the speed

skating events experiences available.

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